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Mature content
People Change part 2 :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 8 6
Mature content
People Change part 1 :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 9 14
Mature content
HermioneGranger x MaleSlytherianReader :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 26 41
OC - Kaminari and Katsu
Name - Kaminari Chiyoko
Age - 17
Birthdate - 31 of December 1999
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Straight
Nationality - Japanese
Hometown - Osaka
Current residence - Strawberry Academy, Girl's Dorm
Occupation - Demon Hunter
Income - 100,000 Yen per kill
Height - Five foot Eight
Weight - Around average
Race - Hlaf Human Half Snow Woman
Weapon - A sniper
Personality - Shy, Quiet, Sick, Patient, Loyal
Yuki-Onna - Mother - Alive
Eye colour - Milky White
Hair colour - Snow White
Hair style - Flowing ponytail
Hair length - Waist
Glasses/Contacts/None - Small black shades
Skin colour - Fair
Distinguishing features:
Flat chested
Normal clothing - Kaminari's normal clothing consists of a frilly skirt with leggings underneath it. At the bottom of her stockings are frills. She has black dress shoes on her feet. From the waist up she wears a frilly sleeved, long shirt that matches her skirt. Around her neck is a necklace with her father's picture in it.
School Uniform - The female schoo
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 3 7
OC - Aimiiee
Name - Aimiiee Stone
Age - 23
Birth date - 15th of January
Hometown - Dublin, Ireland
Current Residence - With Yuri
Occupation - Body Guard (Or so she says)
Income -
Nial Stone - Father - Alive
Jessica Stone - Mother - Alive
Sean Stone - Younger Brother - Alive
Karliah Stone - Younger Sister - Alive
Height - Seven foot
Weight - Athletic
Race - Human
Eye colour - Lime Green
Hair colour - Dark red
Hair style - Messy
Hair length - Neck length
Glasses/Contacts/None - None
Skin colour - Tan but has white skin under her clothing in the shape of a one piece swimsuit
Personality - Tomboy, mysterious, athletic, Brave
Distinguishing features:
Tan lines
Has amazing feet
Style of clothing:
She is normally seen wearing a black hood with matching pants, gloves and shoes
Grinding her teeth when she's angry
Fear - Grasshoppers
Speaking styke - Mysterious
Weapon - A dagger
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 1 2
OC - Emerald and Momiji
Name - Emerald
Age - 62 but looks 22
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Straight
Birth date - 18th of September
Momiji - Neice - Alice
Personality - Extremely strong, blunt, short tempered, loves to gamble
Height - Six foot tall
Weight - Fit
Race - Human
Eye colour - Honey brown
Hair colour - Dirty blonde, left ponytail is blue, right ponytail is pink
Hair style - Two low ponytails
Hair length - Waist
Glasses/Contacts/None - None
Skin colour - White
Distinguishing features:
Large chest
Spirit colour - Gold meaning that she's a master of all three powers: Medical, Physical, Elemental
Normal Clothing - She wears a grey kimono that shows her sizeable cleavage and is held up by a dark green obi. She wears a pair of black tights under her kimono.
Swimsuit - A blue coloured, two piece swimsuit
P.J's - Nothing
Physical, Medical, Elemental
Speaking style - blunt
Fear - Death
She is the only person to master all three powers, Physical strength, Medical a
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 1 5
OC - 13
Name - 13
Age - 24
Birthdate - 41th day of Summber
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Bisexual
Hometown - Human settlement on the ZIpangu Region
Current residence - The Inn
Occupation - Black Mage
Height - Five foot seven
Weight - Curvy and slim
Race - Black Mage
Weapon - Her rod
Personality - Sexy, Helpful, Smart, Powerful
Eye colour - Deep brown
Hair colour - Light blue, almost white
Hair style - Flowing
Hair length - Waist length
Glasses/Contacts/None - None
Skin colour - Light brown
Distinguishing features:
Her curvy figure
D Cup breasts
Clothing - She wears the typical clothing of a Black Mage which consisted of a witch hat and matching robes
Fear - Worms
Helping people
Speaking Style - Helpful, sexy
Black Magic (Elements: FIre, Ice, Lightning, Water, Earth, Air)
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 1 7
FemaleCellJr x MaleReader
Reader's pov
"Yo, Cell" You said "How much longer until we get there?"
"I still don't know where Goku is" Cell said
"We'll I'm so bored" You said
"If your're that bored..." He said
He turned towards you with his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised.
"... then take Cell Jr for a walk" He finished
You looked behind you to see that Cell Jr was happily walking along while looking around. This was his first Cell Jr. She looked the same as a normal Cell Jr but she was nearly as tall as Cell and had Average sized boobs. She looked around and only noticed that she bumbed into you when she landed on the ground.
"Ouchie" She said
She looked up at you and smiled brightly before getting to her feet and hugging you. You sighed slightly as she started to swing you side to side in the hug.
"You're so short and cute!!" She said happily "I could hug you all day!!"
"Release him" Cell said
Cell Jr looked towards Cell before sighing. She released me and crossed her arms.
"You always ruin my fun" She s
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 22 5
Mature content
I can't decide! They're both so cute! :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 10 2
Mature content
JessicaRabbit x MaleReader part 4 :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 7 3
JessicaRabbit x MaleReader part 3
Reader's pov
Roger ended up checking on you later that day. He entered to see that you were up and out of bed.
"Are you sure you're alright?" He asked
"Yeah" You said "I'm fine, thank you"
You took a step forward before Roger grabbed you and helped you out of the room. Roger lead you down the stairs and into the living room where Jessica was. She smiled kindly at you and hoped that you'd feel better.
"I've got to get going again" Roger said "Jessica, could you please take ___ home?"
"Yes" Jessica said
She grabbed you before Roger left. You looked up at her and she smiled kindly at you before kissing you sweetly on the lips. You kissed her back while sucking on her sweet tasting tongue. Once Jessica broke the kiss you smiled.
"Let's get you home" Jessica said, returning the smile
On the way home Jessica was driving the car. She took a way that you didn't recongize. But you didn't want to say anything to her because you loved just sitting her with her. Jessica soon ended up pulling into
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 8 0
Mature content
Warrior Ninja part 25 :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 2 0
Mature content
Warrior Ninja part 24 :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 2 0
Mature content
Monster Girls x MaleReader - Desert part 7 :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 12 1
Mature content
Monster Girls x MaleReader - Mist continent part 2 :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 8 6
Mature content
Monster Girls x MaleReader - Mist continent part 1 :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 9 13


The Tale of Two Destinies - Part 1 :iconkamiyabloodvegeance:KamiyaBloodVegeance 7 11 The Tale of Two Destinies - Part 2 :iconkamiyabloodvegeance:KamiyaBloodVegeance 10 55
Mature content
[C] Pulling down pants~~ :iconfast-runner-2024:Fast-Runner-2024 457 34
Mature content
Hamakaze (kantai collection) :icongiantessfan27:Giantessfan27 283 7
Flandre Scarlet :icongiantessfan27:Giantessfan27 203 29
Mature content
Mei x Tsunade - Sundown all around :iconcherryinthesun:CherryInTheSun 462 24
Mature content
Ram and Rem (NSFW) :iconsheepun:Sheepun 69 7
Mature content
Harley Bikini :iconicelandpricess:Icelandpricess 41 13
Mature content
Suspended :iconshindnc:ShinDnC 218 25
Mature content
deap love :iconkyabetuaomori:KyabetuAomori 47 1
Mature content
[C] Cacau VS Candy :iconlufidelis:lufidelis 293 12
Mature content
Lunch by Riendonut :iconperfidus:Perfidus 20 6
Mature content
Tsunade on the mirror :iconshablagooo:Shablagooo 779 38
Mature content
Dessert Menu A New BDSM Venture :iconpawfeather:PawFeather 171 26
Mature content
Lina and Lilu :iconriddif999:Riddif999 32 5
Mature content
Senya art contest :iconassentlov:Assentlov 103 17





OC x AnimeCharacter - 20 points (Lemon - 30 points)
OC x Reader - 20 points (Lemon - 30 points)
Songs - 50 points
20 points for shoulders up
30 points for chest up (35 points for nude one)
45 points for waist up (45 points for nude one)

Hey guy these are the new rules that apply to my X readers:
1st X reader is free
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. X reader cost 20 point

Series rules:
A 2 part story cost 10 points
A 5 part story cost 20 points
A 8 part story cost 30 points
A 10 part story cost 40 points

If you want a part 11, 12, 13 etc. for a series it will cost 20 point each


Yuri-milkshake's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hey, This is Yuri-sempai here. How's everyone's day/night going. Hmm, here's somethings about me XD. I'm straight but I support gay rights. I believe in the Greek Gods and Goddesses so if you want to know anything about that feel free to ask me. My patron Goddesses are Athena, Artemis and Hestia and My patron Gods are Hades and Apollo.
My favourite animal would have to be the wolf.
Here's some of my favourite ships:
Shiena Kenmochi x Mahiru 'Shinya' Banba
Hanabusa x Mahiru 'Shinya' Banba
Rin Kagamine x Len Kagamine
Black*Star x Tsubaki
Sakura x Hinata

I also ship Vanille x Fang
Vanille is my favourite Final Fantasy 13 character and the only person I'm willing to share her with is Fang who is my second favourite Final Fantasy 13 character.

Will write these for a certain price: 100 points:
DC/Marvel/Jessica Jones fanfics
One punch man
Date a live
Full metal alchemist/Brotherhood
Last of us
Street fighter
Akame ga kill
Kill La Kill
Highschool of the dead
Highschool DxD
Fire emblem
Fairy tail
Sword art online
Attack on titan
Familiar of zero
Sailor moon
Lucky star
Winx club
My little pony
Star wars
Black Rock Shooter
Panty and stocking
Tokyo ghoul
One piece
Soul eater not
Hyperdimension/Megadimension Neptunia

I do accept requests by Nana-Beats Request Open Stamp by SquirtleStamps

Role playing:
DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - Want to Roleplay 01 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - I Roleplay 03 by tppgraphics

Just because I can : Stop That Stamp by Blackshadowbutterfly

My favourite anime character: Banba-Stamp by Love-wishes

papa roach stamp by ninjadoggykibafan Papa Roach Stamp by PsychoSlaughterman Black Veil Brides by winter-ame Three Days Grace Fan Stamp by VegetaNiko Babble Babble Stamp by WickedWriter

YEAH MY FAVE YUGIOH MONSTER Dark Magician Girl Stamp by xStormyChaos

Sakura trick:
Kaede and Yuzu stamp by Yuri-milkshake Mitsuki stamp by Yuri-milkshake Kotone and shizuku stamp by Yuri-milkshake

Akuma no Riddle:

Stamp Akuma no Riddle: Sagae Haruki by HaruNatsu1997 Stamp Akuma no Riddle: Bamba Mahiru by HaruNatsu1997
Stamp Akuma no Riddle: Hashiri Nio by HaruNatsu1997 Stanp Akuma no riddle: Kenmochi Shiena by HaruNatsu1997
Stamp Akuma no Riddle: Kaminaga Kouko by HaruNatsu1997 Stamp Akuma no Riddle: Bamba Mahiru 2 by HaruNatsu1997
Stamp Akuma no Riddle: Bamba Mahiru 3 by HaruNatsu1997 Banba-Stamp by Love-wishes
Shinya Banba stamp by Yuri-milkshake

Vocaloid Stamp by maxari4
Rin by azianwolfdoll Rin Kagamine Stamp by Ittichy Kagamine Rin Vocaloid stamp by Soubixcos Stamp-I support Len x Rin, but... by ochidpokemontrainer Feed me with LenxRin - Stamp by ShinichiLen
Haku Yowane Stamp by WhiteShadow234
Gin says GTFO by KuchikiYorume
Gin stamp by Blue-Eyes-Girl Stamp 006 by XOStampsPlzOX Mayuri Kurotsuchi Stamp by Hummy91

Death note
Mikami Stamp by Drake1 L stamp by Lumaga Stamp - I support Ryuk by powerswithin Mello's WTF face stamp by Okami-Moony LOL Light Stamp by omnicatbus Sakujo stamp by Carmacao

Soul eater
Crona Stamp - Girl by zb5766 Excalibur stamp by sebastiansfangirl Anti Black Star by ComatoseCritic
Medusa creeper smile STAMP by KirscheAnder Medusa Stamp for Mal by Baka-Ranger-Green SE: Justin Law stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo
Mifune STAMP by Odespaprikan I Support Psychotic Leers by paincanvas Got insanity? STAMP by KirscheAnder
Death the Kid-stamp by Biila Soul Eater: Teachers by NikkiXOdd4eva Soul Eater Death The Kid Stamp : Oops... by Petpettails123
SE: Nya Blair stamp by Kaze-yo Blair Stamp -Soul Eater- by Seylan Blair - Stamp by Kizu-FreaK Soul Eater - Blair stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga Soul Eater-Blair cat stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga Blair (the cat) Stamp by TheArtDreamerCat
:thumb477595787: Fish to the Head. by 80avatarfan80 :thumb161582150: Crona Stamp -  Hermaphrodite by zb5766 :thumb421127952:
Shinigami-Sama: STAMP by SoruIta

I support Blair x Yuri (My OC)-

Mature Content

Blair x Yuri by Yuri-milkshake

Dragon Ball/Dragon ball Z
STAMP - Piccolo Fan by NamekianKAI Mister Popo Stamp by Blissful-DeathTrap Krillin Stamp by SoraRoyals77 At least not anymore. by PandaSennin Goku and Vegeta stamp by amc-dbzr Get Over It -- Vegeta Style by dracostarhome 'Dragonball' Stamp by Formula-UK Goku Fan Stamp by Furiael Why Piccolo Why Stamp by DaydreamingCow :: I love you, Piccolo :: by iLozzie Piccolo .:Stamp23:. by PrinzVegeta Get on my horse stamp by SGStamps

Final Fantasy
:thumb287153733: Vanille Stamp by o0Hikari0o Fang x Vanille - Reunion by whatever-kathryn Fang x Vanille - Upskirt by whatever-kathryn Fang x Vanille - Not alone by whatever-kathryn Fang Stamp by o0Hikari0o Light-san Stamp by o0Hikari0o Snow Stamp by o0Hikari0o Chocobo Chick Stamp by X2010 Yuj Stamp by Aurora-Kitsune Chocobos Pwn by AerianR chocobo stamp by cargirl64 FFXII Balthier Stamp by ririnyan Fran stamp by Rocul FFX Revealing Rikku Gif by Ellidegg Auron Stamp by MrsHighwind FFX Lulu by MysticMo FF Rikku Stamp by Rikku-Horaiji PainexRikku Stamp by The-Soranator Aurikku Stamp by MrsHighwind Caius Ballad stamp 2 by Capolecos Love Ashe by AerianR FFXII: Rasler X Ashe stamp by RoxyRoo FFXII: RaslerXAshe stamp 2 by RoxyRoo
:thumb205921860: Basch Fon Ronsenburg Stamp by Ronnen :stamp: I'M CAPTAIN BASCH by GoldphishCrackers Moogles Pwn by AerianR Moogle stamp by Kadajo
Cactus Stamp by CaptainChibi Jumbo Cactuar Boss Stamp by MalakxFuarie HEADSHOT by Ascleme

Rosario Vampire
Mizore Shirayuki fan by LittleStar87 Out- Mizore Shirayuki ..Stamps by CNUShinDongWooB1A4 Mizore Stamp by little-Yellow

I love Yuri STAMP by Yuna-Breikoft Vocaloid Yuri Love Stamp by Krooked-Glasses yuri stamp by Morbia Just Want More Yuri by StarDragon77 I support YURI stamp by MononokiTheWolverine More Yuri Stamp by StarDragon77

Maximum The Hormone
Maximum the Hormone Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996

One piece
Luffy: Got Meat? stamp by the-ocean-sings

Black Butler
Undertaker Stamp 2 by KitWolfren

Hatsun Miku Stamp by fujiwara-08 Vocaloid stamp by XXXYaoiLoveXXX STAMP Gakupo Kamui by The-Last-Fallen-Ange gumi x gakupo stamp by crazysistahs Venomania- Gakupo x Meiko stamp by Kaze-yo

Stamp: Sakura x Hinata by Luffy-Kun Kakashi Stamp by HappyStamp Kakashi-Fan Club Stamp by Kakashi-fan I Support Hinata Stamp by HeruNoTenchi Hinata stamp 2 by Mloun hinata stamp by SakamakiJustine Gai-Sensei: Youth Stamp by GazMundo
Shippuden ruined Hinata

Furry and PROUD::stamp by CelestialWolfen Furry stamp by golden-jackal

Devil may cry:
Devil May Cry stamp by Kencho :thumb202608088: Devil May Cry Stamp 2 by DemoniumAngel

Marilyn Manson
marilyn manson stamp 2 by bob-dod

Tuffnut Stamp by AstridHofferson

WWE Fan stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps CM Punk Stamp by kydragon

Support Little Kuriboh Stamp by odihemay6

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Which of my older series would you like to see re-written?
Anyone else have a PSN account? I'll add as a friend on there Kohai's

Also, anyone have Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?
Anyone else have a PSN account? I'll add as a friend on there Kohai's

Also, anyone have Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?
Anyone else have a PSN account? I'll add as a friend on there Kohai's

Also, anyone have Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?
Anyone else have a PSN account? I'll add as a friend on there Kohai's

Also, anyone have Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?
Which of my older series would you like to see re-written?


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The Tale of Two Destinies - Part 1 by KamiyaBloodVegeance    The Tale of Two Destinies - Part 2 by KamiyaBloodVegeance  
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